Piccaddilly Line - Heathrow Terminal 4 Stop

Heathrow Airport - Hillingdon, London

The above photo is the last photo I took in London as the train pulled into Terminal 4 at Heathrow. It was about 8am or so in the morning.

This is my last post on the blog. I will be keeping this site/tumblr online for as long as possible, but there will be no more new updates. 

Thanks to anyone who I met on the trip, let me photographed them (knowingly or¬†unknowingly), helped me out, or visited this site. It’s been an incredible experience and I hope to get back to the UK sooner rather than later.

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Kennedy of TeaSmith about all things tea. John has a vast knowledge of tea history and culture in the UK and throughout the world and it was a pleasure to have him share his insights.

Andrea & Stu

Islington, London

Buckingham Palace


Dam Funk @ Deviation 5th Birthday Party

ICan Studios - London

Interview with Aubrey de Grey that took place in a very noisy pub. He discusses his work and how his British upbringing influences the work he now does.

The York

Islington, London

Afternoon Tea

Caffee Concerto - London

Epping Forest


Shoreditch, London